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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Precautions for the protection of privacy policy

The Tosa Kokubunji website (hereinafter referred to as "this site") considers privacy policy to be an important asset of the individual, and all personnel engaged in the operation of this site must comply with JIS Q15001 "Rules for the Protection of privacy policy" regarding the protection of privacy policy, protect customer information by handling privacy policy in an appropriate and safe manner, and respond to the trust of customers.

About the handling of privacy policy

We will comply with the compliance program regarding the handling of privacy policy, as well as other laws and regulations.

Collection, use, and provision of privacy policy

Tosa Kokubunji respects the rights of individuals with regard to their privacy policy, and will comply with requests to disclose, correct, or delete their privacy policy within a reasonable period of time and to a reasonable extent.

Implementation of safety measures

The Tosa Kokubunji website has established regulations and implemented safety measures to prevent the leakage of privacy policy to third parties or the improper alteration of privacy policy. However, this does not apply to the protection of customers' privacy policy on other (business or individual) websites that are linked to this website.

Maintenance of Provisional and Appropriate Management for the Protection of privacy policy

We have established a compliance program for the protection of privacy policy, and will continue to review and improve it in order to maintain appropriate management.