Tosa KokubunjiThe 29th holy site in Shikoku Mt. Mani Hozoin


Temple Cafe

Why don't you take a breather while looking at the garden?

At Kokubunji Temple, the temple associated with "Tosa Nikki" (Tosa Diary), take a break with a cup of matcha green tea and feel the long history of Tosa Mahoroba. The tatami room used for danka gatherings and haiku gatherings can be used as a cafe. You can also use the benches on the approach to the temple as an open cafe.

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  • Business hours: 9:00 - 16:30
Please purchase a ticket at the Nokyosho when you use it.

Matcha green tea set 400 yen

Matcha set with a visit to the temple 800yen